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Founded by Charlotte Law, Jessica Pham, Manaswi Veeragandham, Elena Mateo, and Kennedy Lincoln with the goal to let every teen in the USA have a voice.

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Calling all teens in the USA...
Welcome to the official website of TEEN VOICE! As all of you know, this website is also created by teens just like you! Teens that want to have a voice in the government, teens that want to protest against gun violence, teens that want a change! Here, you can share your thoughts and opinion about these current events and make a change in the world!

About this website

Many teens in our world don't have a voice in our government even though they have strong thoughts and feeling that they want to express and show the world. We made this website because we wanted teens to be able to speak up for themselves. We want teens to be able to have a strong voice in the government to express their feelings about their true feeling about the events happening right now.

About us, the creators.

This website is created by Charlotte Law, Elena Mateo, Manaswi Veeragandham, Jessica Pham, and Kennedy Lincoln. We really like how teens like us participated in the walkout on 3/14/18 against gun violence. We want teens like us to be able to have a strong voice in the government. We believe that everyones' opinion matters a lot and every persons' opinion should be heard. #StayStrongUSA

You may be thinking, why did we create this website?
First of all, many teens just like us are underestimated. People look down on us. They say, "Teens' opinions do NOT matter" But the truth is, teens want their voices heard. Because teens' opinions DO matter. We created this website to make it possible for teens like us who want a change and want their voices heard.

~Many teens nationwide participate in the walkout against gun violence - the florida shooting.~


Current Events talked on TEEN VOICE®
What is environmental justice?
~The same degree of protection from environmental and health hazards, and equal access to the decision-making process to have a healthy environment in which to live, learn, and work— regardless of race, national origin, income, and other social aspects
A current event of environmental justice: 7 percent of cities and 65 percent of urban populations experienced greater global warming lately. Global warming can cause many infections, affecting many peoples’ daily lives. The problem is, low-income minorities are influenced the most due to the limited resources along with the non-inclusivity of decision-making forums due to their background. It’s important to give the whole community a voice in order to address a global problem.
What is Gender Equality?
Gender equality is equal opportunities and rights for both men and women.
A current event of gender equality is the awareness that there is an apparent gender gap in STEM careers, for instance, out of every 10 STEM people, only 2 people are women. Many organizations are striving to close the gender gap by providing opportunities for young girls and women to be exposed in STEM activities such as Girls Who Code, and Superposition (an all-girls hackathon). An issue that needs to incorporate gender equality is work pay, the average full-time weekly wage for a woman is 15.3% less than a mans’.
What is Sexual Abuse?
Sexual abuse is type of sexual violence that does not have consent.
Awareness on sexual abuse:
The #metoo movement, founded in 2006 by Tarana Burke, strives to stand up to sexual harassment. #MeToo opened up for societal change, increasing peoples’ confidence with themselves by creating a ‘safe space’ allowing victims to voice their stories. By voicing their stories, the movement was able to give more awareness to sexual harassment. Though many say it has been such a positive movement to help with self-esteem and community healing, many have disagreed also, stating that it has gone too far. There is a controversy over whether peoples’ stories in the #metoo movement are true or not. People believe that the #metoo movement acts as a loophole to bring down people’s reputations, and that many could exaggerate. Tarana Burke says, “It’s a 3% chance.” The thing is, this movement hasn’t gone too far. Sexual harassment can be a traumatic event for many, and posting simply for the post to damage reputation does not outweigh the pain that many have experienced. It also hasn't gone too far because sexual harassment hasn't been fully addressed-- people still need to speak up about this issue. There have been many instances in which companies and people higher up use money to cover up the actions that they have made or create specific contracts with the victims so they will not say anything.
A current event on sexual abuse: Recently, Aziz Ansari, the well-known star of Master of None, was involved with a controversy of sexual conduct with someone who went under the name “Grace.” Grace went on a date with Ansari, and was pressured by Ansari to do sex with him. The reason why many believe Ansari is guilty of sexual misconduct was because of her body language already shown that she was uncomfortable, but Ansari kept on pursuing her for sex.
What are National Walkouts?
National walkouts serve the purpose to give more awareness to a specific issue and/or prompt the government or the direct audience to reform the particular issue. .
A current event of national walkouts regard the many schools that are walking out in order to address the issue with gun reform and implement stricter requirements on bearing arms.
Why do we need gun control reforms?
On February 14, 2018, a school shooting took place at the Stoneman Douglas High School in Parkland, Florida. 17 people were killed including a few teachers. In response to that, there have been many walkouts and protests to promote stricter gun laws. About a thousand or more students have taken part in this by walking out of school on March 14, 2018. Teens are demanding stricter gun laws so than students won’t feel like they are risking their lives everyday going to school. They are hoping that the government make it harder for just anyone to purchase a gun. They are demanding: thorough background checks and a ban on assault rifles. In addition, companies have taken part to not sell specific guns, and also enforcing stricter security on guns in order to further this cause.

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